Script Cover Options Illustrated by Roberto Dell’accio.

Title:  Log
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6759312/
Genre: Horror Comedy
Logline: A weekend of debauchery turns to terror for a group of friends staying at an old lumberjack camp when a bloodthirsty log springs to life and embarks on a murderous rampage.

Log was an idea I had while sitting on the toilet.  I was trying to come up with some random loglines for a contest where we would be rated on the viability of our concepts, and I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to write a logline for a movie that was actually called LOG?  LOGline?! Get it?!  Right.  Then I thought of that movie Rubber, about the killer tire.

So I came up with a logline about a killer Log that goes on a serial killing rampage at the Lumberjack games.  This eventually got condensed down into one, easy to shoot/find location — a lumberjack camp.  I wrote the first draft in 2 weeks on Twitch, and over the course of 4 months, went through 4 rewrites.

Screenplay Competitions:

Script Coverage Quotes:

  • “Parker writes a bat-shit insane, beautifully crazy tale which is so strange, unique and terrible that it’s outrageously fun and a crime if it doesn’t get made. Was one of the funniest, fearless, most ridiculous scripts submitted this year, or any other.” – Warren Sonoda (director of Trailer Park Boys and the Canadian Film Fest.)
  • “I was one of the readers/judges this year for the screenplay contest at CFF. I just wanted to say that LOG is by far one of the best scripts I’ve read in the last few years. And certainly one of the best to come through these contests. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard reading something before. I was also having a crap day that day, and your script made my day infinitely better. Congrats on the win, and I cannot wait to see this made into a film. It’s going to be awesome.” – Reese Eveneshen, Canadian Film Fest Contest Judge.
  • “Comedy Gold!” – WeScreenplay.
  • “So disturbing I had to see my therapist the next day” – Avi Federgreen, IndieCan Entertainment.

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