Here are some loglines for scripts that are in progress:

42 Days
Genre:  Family / Adventure
Logline:  After being separated from her family in a terrible car crash at Yellowstone National Park, an Australian Shepard Dog with a fear of abandonment must learn to survive on her own in the wild. Based on a True Story.

These scripts are still in the outline phase:

Title:  The Girl Who Cried Wolf
Genre:  Thriller
Logline:  When a 9-year-old journalist is the first to break the news of a gruesome murder, she is crowned the new town hero and a viral sensation, but she’s forced to prove the alleged homicide actually happened when a rival adult journalist pokes holes in her story.  Loosely inspired by a true story.

The Bacon Number
Genre:  Comedy
Logline:  A dying man obsessed with the Bacon Number, the algorithm used to define degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, embarks on a quest to take his bacon number from 6 to 1 before he dies.

All The Marbles
Family Comedy
Logline:  A young boy must secretly win a marble shooting championship to save his grandpa and stand up to a group of bullies that call themselves The Mibsters.

  A Loyal Heart
Genre:  Family Drama
Logline:  A lonely teenage boy recovering from a recent heart transplant finds friendship with a stray dog, who he later discovers belonged to the organ donor that saved his life.