Below is a list of loglines for my completed screenplays.  My goal is to direct a feature I’ve written myself (or co-written) but I’m open to discussing other options.

To read about my upcoming concept ideas and scripts that are still in progress, check this out.

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Title: Log
Genre: Horror Comedy
LOGline:  A weekend of debauchery turns to terror for a group of friends staying at an old lumberjack camp when a bloodthirsty log springs to life and embarks on a murderous rampage.

Title:  The Magic Ferret
co-written with Fred Ewanuick
Genre: Family
Logline:  A young boy who dreams of being a famous magician meets a ferret with the power of telekinesis and must save him from an evil scientist in time to compete at his school’s talent show.  

Title:  Bricks of Glory
Genre:  Sports Comedy
Logline:  In the fast-rising sport of Bricklaying, an anti-doping agent must reunite with  her father, a disgraced former champion, to take down his longtime nemesis and expose  the ringleader in a massive doping scandal.

Title:  Lazer Sloth
Genre:  Family / Kids
Logline:  A trio of misfit kids must work together to protect a supernatural baby sloth from a deranged ex-child star and return it to the Oregon Zoo.

Title:  Slothigator
co-written with Raza Rizvi
Genre:  Horror Comedy
Logline:  An irresponsible teenager must save her dysfunctional family when a giant, man-eating sloth/alligator hybrid creature wreaks havoc at a Louisiana amusement park.

Title:  The Fat Pact
co-written with Raza Rizvi
Genre:  Dark Comedy
Logline:  When an old friend mysteriously reappears in her life, a lonely woman realizes  he’s come to fulfill their childhood pact that he will kill her if she ever reaches 200  pounds.

If you’re interested in optioning any of my scripts, email me at thealisonparker [at] gmail [dot] com.