New Horror Screenplay Completed!

Hey guys, been awhile. I’ve spent the summer writing a new screenplay, this time it’s a straight up horror called DEATH SWAP! I’m really excited about this script because it’s my first foray into horror without the comedy element. There’s touches of comedy of course, but hopefully it’s more on the scary side.

Death Swap logline: Four friends must survive the night and each other when a cursed board game possesses their bodies with evil spirits.

It’s basically Jumanji meets Hellraiser. With some fucked up voodoo shit. 

You download this script here!

In other news, I did NOT get the Telefilm grant I was hoping for… but my producers are keeping my spirits high and we’ve submitted Log for another grant called NSI Features First. Fingers crossed this is the one!

My next script is a horror comedy I’m co-writing with a friend, stay tuned for more deets…

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