Distribution Deal & The Biggest Grant Application of My Life

Hey guys. I haven’t posted in a little awhile as I’ve been busy writing lots of ridiculous and bloody horror comedies. I definitely love this genre and can’t wait to bring one of these scripts from page to screen. It all started with LOG, my script about a Log that kills people. And that’s what I have to update you on today.

Log now has a distribution deal and an international sales agreement with Raven Banner Entertainment. Whaaaat?! Yes. It’s true. Wow. Raven Banner is like the king of high concept genre films in Canada and I know Log will be the perfect fit for them.

I’ve spent the last month compiling a pretty extensive grant application with my producers Avi Federgreen and Synnove Godeseth. We are applying through Cinevic for the Telefilm Talent to Watch program. If we win, we’d get a $125k grant for Log and would produce the film for a budget of around $250k. We have to make up the other $125k ourselves, but we have a few ways of doing this (tax credits, loans, crowdfunding, etc).

Creating this application actually triggered a lot of momentum for Log. It got the Log rolling, heheh. I can’t share allll the details, but I got a butt load of letters of support from some BIG NAMES in the film industry, a letter of intent from an AWESOME ACTOR, we finalized the distribution deal, production schedule, budget, put together a lot of visual treatment materials including storyboards, sketches, etc… man we even have main department heads, like DOP’s, Production Designer, FX Artists, Costumes, Make Up, etc, etc. Too much stuff to list here. It took me a month to put this together with my producers and some really talented people.

Now we just cross our fingers and hope it was enough. I should know in the next couple weeks if Cinevic will recommend Log to Telefilm. They can only choose two feature film projects. Please, please, please let them pick me! I am ready to direct my first feature film and I promise I won’t let you down!!!! 🙂

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